Tales of Legendia

Tales of Legendia UNLOCKABLES
Complete the following actions to earn the skits. You can check these out at any time once you start the Character Quests. Just go to the Country Cottage outside of Werites Beacon.
-    A Simple Question - Have Norma learn a new crystal eres
- Act Your Age - Defeat the Dragon - An Angel's Quill - Make Shirley's Angelic Quill
-    Aren't You Cold? - Remove Shirley's equipment
-    Check Out Our Rock Collection - Get all eres stones
- Checkin' Out Chloe - Remove Chloe's equipment

- Chloe's Body Issues - Have Chloe reach Level 62
-    Climax Combo - Use Climax Combo for the first time
-    Climax Mode - Use Climax Mode for the first time
-    Doing Great! - Have Moses finish off an enemy at full HP and TP
-    Don't Be Wasteful - Have Senel use
more than 10 items in one battle
-    Eres Stones - Defeat an enemy who drops an eres stone
-    Finders Keepers - Get Moses's Gungnir
-    Friendly Fire? - Have Norma finish off an enemy
-    Girl Talk - Make a party of all girls
-    Going In Circles - Have Senel issue more than 4 orders with Moses in party
-    Grune's Progress? - Have Grune reach Level 66
- Guy Talk - Make a party of all guys
-    He Who Fights And Runs Away... -Have Senel run from battle
-    Heavy Lifting - Equip Will's 765kg
In the Line of Fire - Remove Norma's equipment
It's All Red's Fault - Have Norma finish a battle with low HP
It's So Fluffy - Defeat the Diva / Mimic Bed
Jay's Growth Issues - Have Jay reach Level 65
Life Is Never Easy - Run away from 3 battles (with Shirley)
Look Before You Lend - Make Senel's Kaiser Gears
Looking Back - Fight 1,000 battles May We Meet Again - Defeat the Volcano Gaet
Menacing Monster - Go through your first Chaotic Zone
Monster Food - Defeat the Crystarantula
Monster Mania - Defeat the Rare Lizard man
Moses' Brain Issues - Have Moses reach Level 64
Norma's Personal Issues - Have Norma reach Levet 63
Not Feeling So Hot - Have the entire party poisoned
Popular With the Boys - Remove Grune's equipment
Run Away! Run Away! - Run away from 3 battles (with Norma)
See Spot Run - Equip Norma's Galt Cloak
Senel's Training Issues - Have Senel reach Level 60
Shirley's Figure Issues - Have Shirley reach Level 67
Sightseeing - Explore all of Werites Beacon
The Amazing Flan Cake - Eat a Flan Cake
The Millionaire's Club - Get 1,000,000 Gald
The Rookie Cook - Make your first bread
The Ties That Bind - Play for 60 hours The Urn is a Deadly Weapon - Make Grune's Temnein
Time Traveler - Equip Chloe's Eternal Sword

Tales of Legendia Screenshot

Training Dummy - Make Jay's Hotate Trouble Sleeping - Defeat the Citadel Turtle
When Bubbles Attack - Equip Norma's Gold Straw
Who's the Weakest Link? - Have Jay finish off an enemy
Will's Muscle Issues - Have Will reach Level 61
Worrisome Weaponry - Equip Chloe's Mini-Gelures Sword
Once you've finished the game (including Character Quests), save, then load the save file to open up the GRADE Shop. At the GRADE Shop you can purchase extras (depending on the GRADE you earned first time through) for the next time you play.
-    Combo Maniac - 20 GRADE
-    Double Experience - 100 GRADE
-    Double Grade - 30 GRADE
-    Gain Costumes (Formal) - 50 GRADE - Gain Costumes (Mascot) - 50 GRADE
-    Half Experience - 10 GRADE
-    Inherit Collector's Book - 5 GRADE
-    Inherit Enemy Info - 5 GRADE
-    Inherit Gained Eres - 100 GRADE
-    Inherit Gald - 50 GRADE
-    Inherit Play Time - 5 GRADE
-    Inherit Recipes - 5 GRADE
-    Max HP Down - 10 GRADE
-    Max HP Up - 50 GRADE
-    Max Items Increase to 20 - 20 GRADE
-    Max Items Increase to 30 - 50 GRADE